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Monthly summary of OpenSergo (Oct 2022)

Eric Zhao

In October, we're making progress on cool features including Go SDK, traffic coloring (tagging) and integrations with fault-tolerance components.


  • We've proposed draft of traffic coloring (tagging) specification.

SDK and control plane

Integrations with frameworks and components

  • Spring Cloud Alibaba + OpenSergo traffic-routing spec integration has been preview-available.
  • Sentinel OpenSergo data-source has been beta-available (, which enables developers to configure Sentinel rules with OpenSergo fault-tolerance CRD in a unified way (under Kubernetes, with OpenSergo control plane).


  • We're glad to announce that Jiangnan Jia (GitHub ID: @jnan806) has been promoted to OpenSergo committer by virtue of his nice contribution for OpenSergo Go SDK, proto management and Sentinel Go OpenSergo data-source.