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Summary of the OpenSergo community meeting (Aug 17th, 2022)

Eric Zhao

Summary of the OpenSergo community biweekly meeting (Aug 17th, 2022):

  1. Developers from ShardingSphere and Database Mesh community shared and discussed the detailed design of database governance v1alpha1 spec, which has been submitted to the community. Discussions are welcomed:
  2. The community shared the detailed design of traffic routing v1alpha1 spec, which covers more comprehensive detailed design of route matching, target destination, router chain. Communities including CloudWeGo, Kratos and SOFA, participated in related discussions. Proposal:
  3. The community introduced the progress of OpenSergo Control Plane and SDK, and discussed the design of gRPC transport and service. In terms of transport service, the community has decided to adopt a custom simple gRPC protocol (OpenSergo universal transport service) rather than on xDS (ECDS).

GitHub discussion: